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​Select books are described and listed on multiple online venues for direct purchase.



Stock & Trade is based in Portland, Oregon. After 25 years in the retail book trade, I now consult on the collection of rare, used, and out-of-print titles by facilitating the procurement of large quantities of books for the enjoyment and decoration of homes, private clubs, hotels, and businesses. Books are also available for sales as individual titles through multiple online channels. Stock & Trade handles the liquidation of libraries from individual estates, businesses, and private collections and conducts consignments. 


The Finest Books for the Finest People

Consignment Sales

Your books are evaluated and sold nationally and internationally at a fair market price.

Book Collection Consultant

I consult with collectors worldwide to build their personal libraries.

One of the most rewarding parts of being the owner and operator of Stock & Trade over the past few years has been helping people with their book collections. Books are potent objects; they represent more than their face value, carrying powerful memories, and are cherished possessions to many people. It has been an honor for me to assist my clients when it comes time to downsize their whole library or sell just a few books from their collection.

In today's world book market, it is always a challenge to determine a fair market value. Prices online can range from a penny to thousands of dollars. I am able to use my years of book experience to define the condition of the book using industry standards, and thus assign a fair market price.

My standard agreement is a consignment model; the books are listed for sale on several websites both domestically and internationally, and the resulting sales are split on a percentage basis. The books that are not saleable, for whatever reason, can be returned to the client or donated to charity for tax purposes.

The spirit of collaboration is essential to the success of my business and it applies to both my customers and clients. "The finest books for the finest people." 


Eugene Michael Lamb


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